ISAI APP Platform

ISAI APP Platform is a powerful and unique enterprise mobile platform with the security and integration of Enterprise APP. ISAI Platform can quickly upgrade the original E system into an enterprise mobile application system, and it can independently host on the corporate intranet to integrate security with various intranet systems through XML API of ISAI Middleware. It can quickly integrate with ERP, MES, CRM, IOT, OA, BI, BPM... and other systems without coding of development and maintenance of iOS and Android applications because of OS update. ISAI APP provides complete data protection and mobile security mechanisms on mobile devices for enterprise, including watermarking, prohibiting sending, prohibiting copying, remote deletion of data, application authorization management, SSO & 2FA authentication, integrated VPN, transmission Encryption...etc.
It can greatly improve cooperate mobile security anytime and anywhere.

MondayCheck APP

Mondaycheck APP cloud working record platform is a great tool for corporate work supervision. Employees can use mobile apps to complete work records easily and quickly when they are in the company or as visitors including: check in and out, location, take photos, and fill in work records. Through 5G uploading all information directly to the cloud, manager could monitor the real-time report of employees of working record and big data charts in the cloud system. Mondaycheck is completely paperless, automated, and environmentally friendly. It is convenient for supervisors and personnel to perform work supervision in real time. It can also save HR's monthly labor cost of time-consuming statistics and reduce errors. There are AI Big Data analysis and GIS MAP Report System is useful for manager, and APIs can quickly and easily integrate HR, CRM, or other systems, greatly improving the competition of corporate operations and management.

Enterprise Mobility Solution

iMobile Mind has provided enterprise mobility solutions to 200 famous global companies for many years. For example, Retail store business inspection management system (MPOS) which simplifies the task of supervising and supervising the busy shop inspection and improving work efficiency; Beacon is used as a low-cost, high-efficiency digital advertising tool. Sales Force Automation system (SFA) of the fast-moving goods industry, provide the mobile KM education and training area of the SFA system, is convenient for colleagues to use during busy mobile working operation.